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The Yoga Habit

Build your own yoga practice at home with the help of The Yoga Habit. A sanctuary for you to access an archive of yoga and meditation practices to help you make yoga a habit. Monthly themes have included balance, warriors and the basics of yoga just to name a few. What you’ll receive each month: 

  • x2 20-30 minute practices 
  • x2 50-60 minute practices 
  • x1 10 minute mediation 
  • x1 bonus video 
  • Unlimited Yoga Courses
  • Free Yoga Habit e-book
  • Access to the entire Yoga Habit archive
  • Access to our Facebook Community 

Our Courses

Become a member for just £20 per month to access our entire course archive or if you want to work on a specific area, simply purchase a one-off course.
The Basics of Yoga Cover
For those who are starting from the very beginning and need a gradual introduction into everything yoga and what the yoga habit has to offer.
28 Day Yoga Challenge Cover
Wanting to make yoga a habit? The 28 Day yoga habit challenge is created to allow you to begin to build your own yoga practice. A mixture of movement, mindfulness and meditation over 28 days. Suitable for all levels.
The Yoga Chakras Cover
Focus on your sacred energy centres within the body. When blocked, these chakras can manifest negatively, so let’s enjoy opening, twisting and folding to keep our chakra centres balanced and our positive energy flowing!
Self Love Through Yoga
This course focuses on our openness to love and grow, on greeting ourselves in a new way. We will work on expanding into the space of the front body, shining the heart to the world. This course offers a variety of practices from vinyasa flows to calming and nurturing practices. With back bending and strengthening at the core of our practices for this course.
Yoga for Balance Cover
Coming into a new reality can full us with anxiety and uncertainty. Yoga helps to being us a sense of balance and tools to help us feel at ease again. Not only does this course test your physical balance with classic balancing yoga postures, we also explore different avenues of a balanced lifestyle.
Rise & Restore Cover
Inversions are yoga poses where the heart is higher from the ground than the head. Inversions help to improve circulation within the body. While inversions appreciate the power that the body has, restorative yoga practices help to induce a calming effect on the body. The combination of the 2 helps will leave you energised, refreshed and rejuvenated.
3 women practising yoga
About The Yoga Habit

The Origins of The Yoga Habit

The Yoga Habit was created after I realised how beneficial it is to practice yoga regularly. Whether it is on a yoga mat or taking a moment of meditation or breath. This is all Yoga ! The Yoga Habit allows you to practice from the comfort of your own home, in your own time.

Life can be demanding, with the yoga habit, you have access to an archive of video classes that keeps on growing, so there is always plenty to find and explore. Plenty of yoga practices to help you make yoga a habit. 

I wish I had learnt the basics of yoga and had it as a positive habit in my life from a young age, I know I would have found adulthood less daunting because so many of the techniques and postures can be used in day to day life. Maybe you’re looking for better mobility, stress relief, a peaceful nights sleep or maybe you’re looking for some inner confidence and growth… having a regular practice with the yoga habit, anything is possible.

“Be like the lotus, trust in the light, grow through the dirt and believe in new beginnings”

Namaste !


What people say about us
  • “My yoga practice hasn’t been what it usually is but I have absolutely loved your videos. You are an excellent teacher and the way you flow and explain things is effortless. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful package!”

    Community Member
  • “I have a very stressful job and when I get home on a Thursday I always look forward to my online classes. Ella’s Classes are my escape from a stressful life. I wanted to work on relaxation, tools to be able to relax, sleeping better and also becoming more flexible. Ella has transformed my life.”

    Community Member
  • “I am really loving the videos and have learnt so much about yoga through both the guide and the videos. I would love to just say thankyou as it has really helped me learn and start my yoga experience.”

    Community Member
  • “I just wanted to say thank you. I had hit a wall with my meditation, journaling and own practice for a while. I’ve tried lots of different types of yoga and watched lots of instructors on YouTube but their style of practice just hasn’t suited me. Today’s class has released something. I managed to have one of the best meditations in a long time.”

    Community Member

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