A Guide To Your First Yoga Class

Navigating Your First Yoga Class

If you are reading this, I am so pleased. Its a nerve wracking step walking into your first yoga class. However, I just want to let you know there is nothing to worry about. Hopefully this will help put your mind at ease of what to expect.


I thought it may be helpful for some of you who are interest in learning about Yoga & if you feel like Yoga is right for you – I also have a simple break down on my FAQ’s page.


Yoga – Hatha & Vinyasa

Hatha yoga is the base of where other yoga practices stem from. Hatha yoga helps to align the body & calm the mind. Vinyasa yoga is invigorating, a sequence of movement encompassing breathing and postures. The combination of the 2 work really well together. Vinyasa helps get you nice and limbered & the metabolism working followed by out Hatha yoga which works on posture & relaxation so we are covering all bases. The great thing about yoga is that it is personal. As much as you give to the class is what you will get out. If you fully embrace the experience, trust me you will leave feeling peaceful and calm.


Yoga Class – What To Expect?

Every yoga teacher will have their own way of teaching, there isn’t a one size fits all criteria.

My class is for all levels. I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire for me so i can understand a little better where you are on your journey. This is much more helpful to be done before you arrive to a session.

The classes will be based on a focus to which the yoga practice will be based around. The focus might be flexibility, strengthening for example. Please keep an open mind & the aim isn’t to be the best straight away. We always look to grow and change in a Namastella session. The session will be relaxed, calm and a space for you to escape.


What To Bring & What to Wear?

Feel free to bring your own mat/equipment if that makes you feel more comfortable. But i do provide all of this already.

Bring water & wear comfortable layers.


Eating Before Yoga

Have a snack about an 1 or so before you come, yoga on a full stomach can make deep breathing feel uncomfortable.


Yoga for Weightloss

As part of a commitment to a mindful, healthy lifestyle, all types of yoga will help improve flexibility, strength and body composition. Yoga can be particularly beneficial for weight loss as it increases blood flow round the body which in turn increases the our metabolic rate. However, this is no quick fix.


Yoga for Aches & Pains

While yoga has been proven to benefit conditions ranging bad back, shoulders and sports injuries. I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire if you have a condition we might need to work around. I will also encourage you to become your own teacher; to listen to how you feel and to become aware of what your body is telling you. Yoga rewards dedication and hard work, but it is equally important to rest and recover when you need to. Don’t push it.



If you feel nervous for a class due to the fact you have never tried yoga before i thought this would be a great way to give you a few moves to try before you come.


Breathing – You need to be in a comfortable position for this. Ideally with a nice elongated spine so on a chair, against a wall or lying flat on the carpet or in bed.

Simply close the eyes, inhale to inflate your belly and exhale to release. Practice a few round of this. Breathing is one of the main elements of yoga. We naturally breathe in our upper chest and we don’t utilise our deep breathing very much. So before you come, give that a try just for 5-10 rounds of inhaling and exhaling.


Forward Fold – This is a big one people worry about to start off with. “Why would i try yoga, i can’t even touch my toes”. I want to break this stigma!

Stand nice and tall, feet hip width distance. Inhale stand tall, exhale hinge forward. No need to touch your feet ( if you can thats great too). However deep you have folded. Grab hold of opposite elbows and there you have it!


Gradually we will work on hamstring tightness which is something I struggle with too, we aren’t all bendy wendy’s!


Tree Pose – A classic well known yoga pose! Best way to start is to limber. Start by holding onto the wall. Place the Right foot onto the ankle of the left. Slowly move the knee, in and out like you are opening the a door.

Once this has been done on both sides, place 1 hand on the wall and place the sole of the foot onto your calve or upper thigh ( Not on the knee)

Find a spot to focus on that isn’t moving.

And you have your tree pose.

Its as easy as that.

AuthorElla McKnight
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