A Guide To Essential Oils

Our Guide To Essential Oils

I have been using essential oils in the practice and in day to day life for a while now. Really noticing the benefits. Inhaling the aromas from essential oils can stimulate areas of your limbic system, which is a part of your brain that plays a role in emotions, behaviours, sense of smell and long-term memory.


The limbic system also plays a role in controlling some unconscious physiological functions, such as breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. Which in turn is why it is great to use as part of your yoga practice to add another dimension & get the senses going.


You can have an essential oil mix in a roller ball so that on the go you can roll the essential oil onto your wrists, and depending on the scent you use this can induce a calm effect or even an energising effect. But that is totally down to personal preference and what you may need that day/moment. You can also use a diffuser, that diffuses the essential oils into the room which is great for adding that extra relaxation/luxury to your practice and day to day life – who doesn’t love their house/bedroom smelling amazing.


Below are a few of the essential oils i have in my kit and the benefits of them, you can mix and blend them as you like:

P.s some blends work better than others ( my favourite blend is lemongrass and grapefruit , but you can never go wrong with lavender on its own)


Lavender – An amazing all rounder. Used to help with relaxation, anxiety, depression, stress relief, insomnia & digestive issues

Peppermint – For Headaches, muscle relaxation, digestive issues like IBS (i also have mine in a capsule form which i take once day)

Orange- Mood booster, allergy relief, disinfectant

Lemon – Stress relief, pain relief, promote weight-loss , enhances positive mood and reduces the physical effects of anxiety

Lemon Grass- Anti inflammatory, help ease diarrhoea , reduce cholesterol levels,

Eucalyptus- relieving cold and respiratory problems, keeps teeth clean, insect repellant, pain relief

Tea Tree – Helps prevent & sooth dry cracked skin, soothes inflammation, cleans open wounds/cuts, acne treatment

Grapefruit – Anxiety relief, Energising effect, stimulates the immune system, curbing sugar cravings

Lime – Natural disinfectant, anti aging properties


Few things to think about:

When I first started being interested in aromatherapy, I bought a diffuser but actually it was a humidifier.. there is a big difference. Humidifiers produce hot air and yes by all means you can add essential oils to the humidifier but you’ll get a lot of steam if thats what you want then great. But if not keep an eye out for a diffuser.


Essential oils are very strong so placing these directly onto the skin could cause irritation. Use a blending oil, I use grape seed oil to mix the favourite scents so that way you dilute the strong oil so won’t irritate your skin. You can have a batch of your favourite scents for massages but if you purchase a travel roller ball you can travel with your blend on the go. So when you do feel anxious or need an energy boost you can have a little roll of the oil you made.


Thats all for now. Love and light, Ella

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