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Digital Yoga Platform

The Yoga Habit Platform is available now for online yoga and meditation classes. Start your journey today!

Private Yoga Classes

Professional Yoga Instructors in Northamptonshire. Private and Corporate Classes Available Now. 

Ethical Wellness Store

A one stop shop for your yoga and wellness products. Fully sustainable at accessible prices.

The Digital Yoga Platform

The Yoga Habit

The Yoga Habit Digital Yoga, Mindfulness and Wellness platform provides all the tools you need to create your new habit. Your membership will give you weekly content covering several yoga styles from Hatha to Ashtanga, individual asana tutorials, meditation sessions and access to our wonderful wellness community. Start your Yoga Habit today. 

Ella McKnight Namastella
Triangle Yoga Pose Using A Yoga Block
Coming Soon!

The Namastella Wellness Store

The Namastella Sustainable Wellness Store is coming soon. Our aim is to make your favourite yoga and wellness products fully sustainable while keeping accessible prices. We believe in full transparency, ensuring you know where your products come from and exactly how they get to your door. No hidden agenda. 

Please subscribe to our mailing list for all of the latest information on our launch. We’re excited for you to be a part of our sustainable journey. 

The Namastella Wellness Blog
From the effects of Yoga on mental health and how to do a headstand, to yoga for back pain and mindfulness techniques, the Namastella blog has you covered. Happy reading!


What people say about us
  • My yoga practice hasn’t been what it usually is but I have absolutely loved your videos. You are an excellent teacher and the way you flow and explain things is effortless. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful package!”

    Community Member
  • I have a very stressful job and when I get home on a Thursday I always look forward to my online classes. Ella’s Classes are my escape from a stressful life. I wanted to work on relaxation, tools to be able to relax, sleeping better and also becoming more flexible. Ella has transformed my life.

    Community Member
  • I am really loving the videos and have learnt so much about yoga through both the guide and the videos. I would love to just say thankyou as it has really helped me learn and start my yoga experience.

    Community Member
  • I just wanted to say thank you. I had hit a wall with my meditation, journaling and own practice for a while. I’ve tried lots of different types of yoga and watched lots of instructors on YouTube but their style of practice just hasn’t suited me. Today’s class has released something. I managed to have one of the best meditations in a long time. 

    Community Member

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